paybox Mobiliser

There continues to be distinct first-mover advantage in mobile commerce and mobile payments by launching value added mobile commerce services.
paybox mobile payment enterprise solutions mobilise the value chain of end-to-end mobile businesses with easy, secure and universal all-in-one systems driving profitability and setting standards.
paybox TopUp Mobiliser delivers a mobile business enterprise solution allowing service providers such as mobile operators, MVNOs and distributors to let their end customers top up credits such as airtime, money or loyalty points – directly from their handset with an electronic payment (Self TopUp) or cash-based through a low-cost distribution network (Street TopUp).

End customer
want to further simplify their existing commercial, banking and payment habits and get instant access to buy credits such as airtime in whatever denomination they can afford whenever they can afford it.

Mobile Network Operators (MNO)
are honing in on the opportunity to sell prepaid services and airtime, especially into lower income segments. Prepaid micro credit is traditionally dominant in emerging mobile markets. But it has also rapidly gained popularity in highly penetrated mobile markets. To capture customers in these markets and address customer needs with services, MNOs require a low cost, rapid entry solution with a high security level.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)
seek the same advantages as MNOs. Additionally MVNOs need to distinguish themselves by offering their customers unique services to gain competitive advantage. Both MVNOs and MNOs want to maximize their margins on prepaid services through process cost reduction and wide distribution networks.

of scratchcard vouchers are looking to generate profits in alternative markets to traditional retail. They need reduced distribution costs, high profit margins as well as fraud and risk limitation. Distributors require new sales channels reaching new target customers for micro credit and services.

paybox TopUp Mobiliser – Profile
With paybox TopUp Mobiliser, end customers have two options when their pre-paid account credit gets low.

Self TopUp
End customers with an electronic means of payment can then directly topup their own or any other mobile phone. They use their mobile phone to enter the topup amount and authenticate themselves with a PIN. They can choose via multiple channels such as IVR, SMS, WAP und USSD. Processing is real-time, and the end customer is immediately notified by SMS when the topup has been completed. In the background, paybox TopUp Mobiliser checks the end customer’s limits, debits his account and credits the service provider’s account.

Street TopUp
Alternatively, end customers with cash can buy electronic credit for themselves or a friend at a local merchant. Using simply a mobile phone, a web terminal or any other POS terminal device, the merchant enters the amount, the end customer’s mobile number to which the credit should be applied, and the merchant’s PIN. paybox TopUp Mobiliser first authorises the payment from the merchant’s funds, and credits the subscriber’s prepaid account. The subscriber receives confirmation of the topup, as does the merchant. In the background the merchant’s account is debited.

paybox TopUp Mobiliser – Features
paybox TopUp Mobiliser leverages all features of the award winning paybox payment platform. In addition, it covers all end-to-end processes including Self TopUp, Street TopUp via a multi-level distribution network with trusted and untrusted relations, a network with multiple operators and distributors, real-time and offline payment authorization, multiple payment instruments, multi-channel sign-up, limit management for consumers and merchants, 3rd party topup, stored value account, customer and merchant self care, accounting and financial reporting, MIS all including audit trails and logging.
paybox TopUp Mobiliser can be easily integrated in any customer environment and extended with any other paybox Mobiliser product.

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